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Wildflower Invitation Suite

I don’t want to start every blog gushing about how much I love my job. But, my goodness, I really love my job!

I get to create designs that I love and see them become something three dimensional – see them unfold from my imagination onto the paper in my hand.

For this suite I drew inspiration from my love of dried flowers. I am especially proud of this design, it has turned into something special.

I wanted to create something original but not too unorthodox, and I wanted to create something with colour. I wanted it to mimic a field of purple wildflowers. 

To me, flowers are always a top theme choice for invitation designs. Flowers add warmth, colour and lend a romantic feel. My dried wildflowers image gives traditional wedding invitations a modern twist. 

I once read this gorgeous definition:

“A wildflower is a flower that grows in the wild, meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted.”

This sentence resonated with me so much because this was basically my creative process for this suite (and for quite a lot of my work).

It just kind of started from my love of dried flowers and grew and evolved from there. I’m biased, of course, but I think it’s a pretty beautiful design. 

Like a field of wildflowers on a misty morning 

I had a professional photographer capture the image which served as a beautiful backing card to the modern vellum invite.

The set is completed with ox blood burgundy envelopes and blush and burgundy double-sided RSVP and finer details cards to add a further touch of colour to this unique set. It comes as a 3-piece suite and is available as a semi-custom design. 

When you find the design that is perfect for your wedding, you will just know

You will see it and it will speak to you, a tiny little whisper in your ear perhaps, saying, ‘I’m the one.’

The feeling and fun of your wedding day begins with the first glance at your invitation. It summarises who you are as a couple and what you want to celebrate on this incredible day. Your invitation seems like such a little thing, but for your guests it is the start of the whole celebration.

The right invitation will speak to your guests too. They will become a part of your love story when they open it, they will just get this sense of ‘you’ from the page.

It makes choosing the right one a bit difficult though, doesn’t it – when you know this little piece of paper needs to be able to communicate so much.

The designs I create are a little part of me – and I love it when they connect with my couples.

If something in my designs speaks to you, and reaches out to you, then my designs become a little part of your love story.

Something I created joins the narrative of your big day, and becomes a part of your wedding day memories – and I am so proud that I could help you celebrate.

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