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Hello, welcome to my new website and blog, I hope you like the new look.

I’m so excited to now have a website where I can showcase my work, especially my surface pattern collections and my new “in-house” designed greeting card range. I’ve also decided (much to my own horror) to incorporate a blog (this is my very first post… aargh so scary!) where I will write about my love for design, style and life.

Whilst I’m super excited about my new website, I have to be honest and say that I’m less than excited about the blog aspect, I’m actually scared witless!!! Don’t get me wrong, I want to write, and I have heaps of ideas, but it’s just – BLOGGING IS TERRIFYING!! What if I’m utterly woeful??

Hopefully at the very least, I don’t have the grammar aficionados tearing their hair out! And anyway, in the words of Leonardo da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  right?!

Kristy x

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