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Hey there everybody. Thank you so much for landing on my page and hopefully for liking what you see. If you have already bought from me then a big double thanks! I wanted to introduce myself and let you all know a little bit more about the woman that exists behind the patterns.

Well you probably guessed my name. I grew up in rural Victoria, in a place called Shepparton, known for its great fruit and fibreglass cows, and was the much neglected middle child (just kidding).

I never thought of myself as the conventional type (maybe the middle child thing took effect as I grew!) but I always did have the white picket fence dream, and now I feel incredibly lucky to have married my best friend and have two amazing children.

I had been working for a long time as a bookkeeper and an office manager in a law firm, about as conventional as you could get, but as a personal hobby and passion I really loved patterns.

One day I learnt that people actually got paid for being obsessed with this sort of stuff, and I figured out that my passion could become a career. I tend to dream big, and I had always dreamed of running my own business. So I held my breath, jumped in the deep end and launched my own pattern design company. And I’m never looking back.

I’m completely self-taught, from my graphic design through to my surface pattern designs….. Since discovering the world of surface pattern design, I have taken it on board to teach myself everything I need to know to get to where I want to go. I have completed numerous online courses and continue to further develop my skills everyday through lots of amazing online tutorials.

What else can I tell you about me? Being a working mum is obviously exhausting and without the balance can be overwhelming, so I have found a few things that help keep me going through the day.

I like to be productive and have always had a ‘to-do’ list on hand to help me ‘get sh*t done’. Plus I find it really relieves my stress levels and stops me from forgetting. (The number one challenge facing mumpreneurs today is suffering from ‘mummy brain’!)

I also love coffee and swear by it to keep me functioning, although I have found I am a bit caffeine sensitive and so have a strict ‘no coffee’ policy after 3pm or else I will have a ‘no sleep’ policy that night.

Now although I do live and breathe my little family, my customers and my business, there is more to me than just mum, design devotee and general work-life-balance wizard (I wish!). I also love to travel and have a bucket list of all the places I want to go. First up is New York, followed closely by Macedonia. You can get a package deal for those two destinations right?

To relax I am a bit of a ‘binge and chill’ girl, and often can be found watching episode after episode of some incredibly addictive TV series. I have lost many hours of sleep because of the urge to watch ‘just one more episode’. I mean research, it was all work and research….

I laugh a lot (as a mother of little ones this is sort of a mandatory survival technique) and I am kind of known for laughing at inappropriate times. And I tend to laugh until I cry as well. I also love scary movies, and I really enjoy scaring other people. You might be questioning if I have any friends at this stage, but I promise you I do (also a mandatory requirement for survival as a parent).

I must admit I am still guilty of allowing a bit of convention to creep into my life. I have a perfectly clean house, and find I can’t focus on anything else unless it’s tidy first. Also I am never early or late; I am always right on time.

I am inspired by emotion and colour and life. I love what I do, and I absolutely love that I get to do this for a living and that other people seem to like what I create.

Thanks so much for reading, it was really great to meet you, and I’ll talk to you again very soon!


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